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The permission management feature in the "ZiDocument" document management application is a crucial component that enables system administrators to control and manage user access rights to documents and application functionalities. Here is a brief description of this feature in English:

"The permission management feature in the ZiDocument application allows system administrators to have complete control over and manage the system's roles and permissions. System administrators can view the entire list of existing roles (ROLES) and also have the ability to create new roles when necessary. Each role represents a specific group of permissions.

Furthermore, system administrators also have the ability to select an existing role to edit its permissions (rights). PERMISSIONS determine specific actions that users belonging to that role can perform, such as viewing, editing, deleting documents, or carrying out other management tasks.

This feature ensures that documents and application functionalities are only accessible and usable by users with the appropriate permissions and according to predefined permission management rules. It also provides flexibility for system administrators to customize access rights according to the specific needs of the organization."

List Permissions

Permission Description
1. Manage Categories And Tags  
1.1 View list of categories and list of tags View the list of categories and tags in the system.
1.2 Add, Edit category content, and tag content Add new categories, edit category content, add new tags, and edit tag content.
1.3 Remove categories and tags Delete categories and tags from the system.
2. Manage Files And Images  
2.1 View a list of files and images View the list of files and images stored in the system.
2.2 Upload files and images Upload new files and images to the system.
2.3 Delete files and images Delete files and images from the system.
3. Settings  
3.1 View Cms settings View the content management system (CMS) settings.
3.2 Change Cms settings Modify and change the content management system (CMS) settings.
3.3 View Media & file settings View settings related to media and files.
3.4 Change Media & file settings Modify and change settings related to media and files.
3.5 View email configuration View email configuration settings (excluding accounts and passwords)
3.6 Change email configuration Modify and change email configuration settings.
3.7 Factory reset for Cms settings Perform a factory reset for content management system (CMS) settings.
4. Manage Languages  
4.1 View list of languages View the list of languages available in the system.
4.2 Edit & Translate Edit and translate content for different languages in the system.
5. Manage Users  
5.1 View the list of accounts View the list of user accounts in the system.
5.2 Add/Edit account information: do not include password, role Add or edit user account information, excluding password and role.
5.3 Change account password Change the password for a user account.
5.4 Change the user's role Change the role assigned to a user account.
5.5 View user action history View the history of actions performed by a user.
5.6 It is a demo account Indicate whether an account is a demo account.
5.7 Delete user Delete a user account from the system.
6. Manage Roles  
6.1 View list of roles View the list of roles defined in the system.
6.2 Edit role information and assign permissions to roles Edit role information and assign specific permissions to roles.
6.3 Delete role Delete a role from the system.
7. Manage Documents  
7.1 View all documents View a list of all documents stored in the system.
7.2 Add new document Create and add a new document to the system.
7.3 Edit document Edit the content of an existing document.
7.4 Send comment to document Add comments to a document.
7.5 Send mail from document Send emails using a document as a source.
7.6 Delete document Delete a document from the system.


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