The supported database

The supported database management systems are:

  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL

For MySQL, it requires the latest version (minimum version is MySQL 8.0 with JSON type support).

To install or update the database, use the following command:

php artisan migrate

Table list

Table Note
_zi_lock_unique Used to lock some requests to avoid duplicate requests
_zi_log_action Store the history of user actions in the admin section
_zi_log_api Store request and response history of api
_zi_log_table Store data change history of some important tables
users This table stores user accounts
zi_category This table stores categories and tags for objects: post, faq, product...
zi_category_ables Table of relationships between categories and other objects such as posts, faqs, products...
zi_config Store system configurations, data encrypted and protected by AES algorithm
zi_faq Archive content of frequently asked questions
zi_feedback Store comment content, contact content from contact form
zi_file Store files and images
zi_file_ables Table of relationships between files and other objects such as news articles, categories, tags, faqs, products...
zi_language In advanced versions, it will support storing languages by database, the current version only supports languge in the form of files in the resources/lang directory.
zi_menu Store the website's menu
zi_menu_item List of menu items of the website
zi_page Store the content of pages, such as about us, policy...
zi_post Store news content for blogs
zi_post_related List of related articles
zi_widget Setting Homepage, Widget sidebar...
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