LaraZi Cms Cms built on Laravel Framework

Built with the latest version of Laravel Framework (10.x), easy to use, easy to develop new features, easy to develop new themes, with full documentation...

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LaraziCms Admin Panel

Bootstrap latest version

We always update the latest version of Bootstrap CSS, ensuring the system works well and stably

Laravel latest version

We are constantly updating according to the development of Laravel Framework, currently using v10.x

Theme development

Simple and easy new theme development with complete documentation and sample themes

LaraziCms Post

Manage posts easily and conveniently

Friendly management interface is very easy to use. Also very easy to develop more features (if you are a programmer)

  • Quick Access
  • Easily to Manage
  • Easy to develop more features
  • 24/7 Support

Manage files and images

Files and images are uploaded from computers and mobile devices. Support uploading multiple files at the same time, intuitive interface and very easy to use

  • Upload multiple files.
  • Create a thumbnail image with a custom size.
  • Cache and delete cache thumb dynamically
File manage Larazi cms ZiCms
LaraziCms theme

Theme management.

Easily develop new themes with complete documentation and clear sample examples. If you are a programmer, you can actively develop a new website interface easily

  • Full documentation and examples
  • Easy to develop more features
  • 24/7 Support

Why Choose ZiCms

Cms is developed on the latest version of Laravel Framework, very convenient for maintenance and developing new features

Bootstrap latest version

Use the latest version of bootstrap and be constantly updated in the next versions

Laravel latest version

Using the latest Laravel version and continuously updated in the next versions

Ready to Use

Full features for a basic and advanced website, blog, simple and easy installation

Theme development

Programmers can customize the website interface, easily add new pages, new features

Full Documentation

We provide complete documentation, and simple examples through built-in features that make it easy and simple to maintain and proactively develop new features...

24/7 Support

We are always available online to help answer your questions, as well as develop new features at the request of our customers.

Screenshots Demo ZiCms

Below are some screenshots of administration screens on ZiCms

Dashboard with color ZiCms

Dashboard with color

Dashboard Light ZiCms

Dashboard Light

Dashboard Quick View ZiCms

Dashboard Quick View

Manage Posts ZiCms

Manage Posts

Add and edit posts ZiCms

Add and edit posts

Seo Optimize ZiCms

Seo Optimize

Manage Categories ZiCms

Manage Categories

Manage Comment, Feedback ZiCms

Manage Comment, Feedback

Manage Files & Media ZiCms

Manage Files & Media

Upload Files & Media ZiCms

Upload Files & Media

Manage Users ZiCms

Manage Users

User detail ZiCms

User detail

User Edit ZiCms

User Edit

Manage Roles & Permissions ZiCms

Manage Roles & Permissions

Manage Themes ZiCms

Manage Themes

Manage Menu & Setting menu ZiCms

Manage Menu & Setting menu

Settings ZiCms


Settings Advance ZiCms

Settings Advance

Home page setting ZiCms

Home page setting

Email setting ZiCms

Email setting

Languages Translator ZiCms

Languages Translator

Languages setting ZiCms

Languages setting

Website setting ZiCms

Website setting

Cms setting ZiCms

Cms setting

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